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About Susan

Since early childhood Susan has had a passion for sewing and fashion. Her curiosity about how things are made and how to make them was a driving force in her development. It all began with making Barbie doll clothes, cutting out paper dolls and playing dress-up in her mom's party dresses. She had many wonderful women in her life to inspire her and teach her to sew, knit, bead, embroider and quilt. By the time she was in high school she was designing and sewing her own clothes and prom dresses.


At Virginia Tech she studied clothing and textiles with an emphasis in pattern making, couture techniques and tailoring. She pursued summer work in factories, fabric stores and bridal shops. Upon graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree, she went to work in the New York Garment District as an assistant designer while studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology to further perfect her technical and design skills. Frustration with the mass produced, cookie cutter approach of Fashion Avenue, led Susan into independent design. She lavished her attention on friends and family wanting custom gowns for their weddings. For her own wedding she designed and made the dresses for herself and her bridal party. Her client base grew and over the years she has helped hundreds of women get to the dress of their dreams. She is also a certified public school teacher with ten years of service, a life coach, and has a Master's degree in education.


Susan Kolar Couture dressmaking and design is a culmination of all of her experiences, education, and mentors along the way. It also comes to no surprise being from a family of engineers and artists that she has found her business in custom couture, design, and dressmaking as a way to balance her love of science and beauty… and to satisfy her curiosity with the "how to's" in life.


Susan says of her craft,

“By working with my hands I express what’s in my heart.
Each dress is a heartfelt process and joyful creation.”
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