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Custom Design

A wedding is a perfect time in a woman's life to consider a couture experience at Susan Kolar Couture design studio. Susan appreciates each client's unique desire, need,  and situation. Susan will listen and respond to your needs and wishes with great care and attention you can only expect from couture.

When you know the perfect dress is nowhere to be found- See Susan!

If you have shopped and have not found your perfect dress, schedule an appointment with Susan to discuss your wants, the look you are going for, your budget and your timeline. She will listen and sketch a design and suggest fabrics.

she will take measurements and draft a pattern for you.
Next we test the design and fit in a prototype called a muslin. Here we can make changes as needed. After final approval, the fashion fabric is cut, and the dress is assembled.
Usually, the process requires 5-7 fittings as your dream dress emerges right before your eyes.
Call Susan for more information or a consultation.)We believe clothing is a true expression of self and should feel as good as it looks. The couture method makes you a part of the process and assures exquisite perfection in the end. This creation is one of a kind, just like you! …And people will notice and say, “That dress looks like it was MADE for YOU!” and you will have received the greatest of compliments.
Do  you already have a dress, perhaps from your grandmother, a designer trunk show, or a vintage shop and it’s not quite right for you? Schedule an appointment to restyle or personalize it to suit your style and figure.
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