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Frequently Asked Questions

And Answers
What is couture?

Couture means the highest quality sewing. It’s like gourmet cooking! Couture quality garments meet the highest standards in design, construction, fit , fabric, details, and finishing. The results are delicious!


I am thinking of a custom dress, but like the idea of re-styling a dress too, how do I decide?

Make an appointment with Susan to discuss you ideas and desires. In the meantime try on dresses, collect pictures, photos of dresses you like and the theme you are going for. Be ready to discuss budget and timeline. Susan will help you decide what’s best.


What if I change my mind in the middle of the process?

Designs do evolve and change along the way. Revisions are normal. It’s pretty ok to change your mind before the fabric is cut. Remember extra time spent with too many changes may lead to additional cost.. The fabric is cut only when you are sure, Susan will guide this.


How long does a custom gown take?

A wedding gown usually takes 9 to 12 months is ideal. Delivery can be 30 days to 12 days before your event.


How much does a custom wedding gown cost?

With all custom work pricing is decided on an individual basis. It really depends on fabrics and complexity of the design. We will give you an estimate, usually a range after the initial consultation.


How much do alterations cost?

Alterations are a fixed rate and comparable to formal wear industry standards. The average bridal alterations for a take in, hem and bustle range from $400-500 depending on complexity of the design, number of layers, beading, lace etc.


What do I need to bring for my fitting?

Whether a custom bridal or alteration appointment, it is very important that you bring the undergarments and shoes you plan to wear with the garment.


What are your payment policies?

For custom work, once the decision is made to start a project a 25-50% deposit is required. Payments are required at each fitting, with final payment due upon completion. For alterations, a 50% deposit is required at your first fitting with the balance due upon completion. We accept credit cards, personal checks,and cash at this time. We also must collect a 6% PA sales tax for our services.


What is your return policy?

Due to the customized nature of our services, all sales are final There are no refunds and we do not accept returns.


Will you alter my gown or formal dress I bought somewhere else?

We are happy to help you get the right fit for your special day. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for wedding tailoring. A 50% deposit is required at the first fitting. Remember to bring your undergarments and shoes.


Do you offer rush, emergency services?

These things happen. We will do our best to help. Additional charges may apply to rush services.


My bridesmaids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we are having a hard time finding a style that looks good on everyone. Do you make bridesmaid dresses?

We have practical solutions to solve this problem. First we choose a classic, tasteful style, perhaps with some variations. Then make each dress to the measurements and cup size of each woman. Most maids love the idea of no alterations, because each dress is made to measure. If you choose silk shantung and a nice style you can be sure they’ll have a “wear again” dress.


What fabrics and materials do you use?

We prefer natural fibers like silk, linen, silk cotton, wools, hemp-silk and even bamboo. Natural fibers look and feel great on the body. We also upcycle vintage fabrics and laces.


Where do you get your fabrics?

Susan hand picks the fabrics and laces and trims for each custom design. She shops in New York City or orders swatches from all over the country. She also pulls things from her own collection for the right design.


Can you design an accessory to match my dress?

We custom make veils, mantillas, birdcage veils, flowers, wraps, boleros, just ask!


Have you ever had a bridezilla?

It is interesting to see these t.v. shows giving permission for bad behavior! We are always on our best behavior and so are our brides!

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